St. Michaels

Known as “The Town That Fooled The British”, in 1813 a number of British barges planned an attack on the town and a fort on the harbor side. The residents of St. Michaels, forewarned, hoisted lanterns to the masts of ships and in the tops of trees, tricking the British by causing the cannons to overshoot the town. This first ‘blackout’ was effective and only one house was struck. It is now known as The Cannonball House.

St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore is only a 40-minute drive from the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge. One of America’s most historic settings, this waterside village could not be more charming. Visit the St Michaels website, and The Talbot County website for more information and view the Eastern Shore Calendar for upcoming events.

St. Michaels Restaurants: